Delta Global Day Pass

Delta Global Day Pass

Pass details:

  • 24 hours of continuous internet access on Gogo equipped flights on Delta Air Lines.
  • Valid on one or more flights.
  • Expires 1 year from purchase.
  • By purchasing this pass, you are purchasing a limited license to access Gogo’s onboard network on Gogo equipped Delta aircraft. This license allows you to access the network for one continuous 24-hour period during the 12 months following the purchase of this pass. The purchase and sale of this limited license is completed when the pass is placed in your Gogo account. This license has no cash value and cannot be refunded, transferred or assigned. After the limited term has expired, the pass representing this license will no longer appear in your account.

Important notes about Gogo’s internet service:

  • This pass is valid on any Delta Air Lines’ Gogo equipped flights.
  • Gogo’s internet service is available above 10,000 feet within Gogo’s network coverage area. Service may be interrupted if the aircraft flies outside the network coverage area of the aircraft’s connectivity technology. For aircraft installed with Gogo’s Air-To-Ground technology, the coverage area is principally the continental United States and portions of Alaska and Canada. For aircraft installed with Gogo’s satellite technology, the coverage area is global, although there are significant service gaps over China, India, Australia, and portions of the southeast Pacific Ocean & the Indian Ocean. If/when the aircraft returns to the service area, you can sign back into your session without making another purchase.
  • Once you activate your All-Day Pass, you can sign out and sign back in at any time on any flight on the same participating airline on which your pass was initially activated during the 24-hour duration without purchasing another pass. All policies regarding the use of electronic devices inflight apply.
  • Gogo will become unavailable as the aircraft makes its final approach to its destination and prepares for landing.
  • Additional Gogo passes may be available for purchase inflight.
  • Like any mobile broadband network, connectivity speed may vary due to your device, atmospheric conditions, terrain, network capacity, and aircraft location. In order to preserve an equitable passenger experience for everyone, Gogo prioritizes different types of usage. Some content, file sharing or gaming requiring high bandwidth, such as streaming audio and video, are given a lower priority and at times may not work consistently or at all. Moreover, to address network congestion, Gogo may temporarily reduce the data speeds of users engaging in high-bandwidth activities. See details in Gogo’s Terms of Use. Airlines may also have policies that would restrict some uses.
  • Additional restrictions may apply. Use of the Gogo service is subject to Gogo’s Terms of Use and Privacy & Cookie Policy.
  • Access to Gogo Customer Care via eChat live messaging is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week inflight or on the ground through Gogo’s homepage at Questions or comments regarding the service should be directed to Gogo Customer Care at 1-877-350-0038 or

Delta Global Day Pass


Each pass valid for 24 hours of continuous access on any Gogo equipped flight on Delta Air Lines.

Expires 30 days from purchase